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5 Things to Know Before Going to the Hair Salon

Women around the globe are expected to visit hair salons at least once every six weeks and are likely to change their hair color once every three months. This makes the hair salon one of the most frequently visited places in any woman’s life. However, most women find themselves in a predicament when visiting hair salons, as they may have chosen the right products but end up with a different kind of image, one they had not expected before.

Here are five important things to know before walking into a hair salon. By having this information, you will not only be able to maximize your time with your hairdresser, but you will also get value for your money.

Face Shape and Hair Texture

Every woman was born with a dynamic that differentiates her from the rest of the crowd. In this case, there are several shapes to the human face, and each shape has a hairstyle that suits it well. Knowing your face’s shape is the most effective way of figuring out what hairstyle to put on.

There are five main facial shapes:






While your hairdresser may not focus on your facial shape when doing your hair, this information will help you pick the right hairstyle to achieve the hair look you want. Apart from the shape, hair texture plays a major role in choosing your hairstyle. For instance, thick hair is best for achieving undercut bobs and a line haircut.

Be Realistic

When thinking of visiting a hair salon, it is important that you be yourself. Knowing oneself is not limited to the kind of hair you have but also the lifestyle you live. A woman’s look is a complete representation of who she is in the real world.

Women who are very busy with their daily affairs are less likely to have time for salon appointments. Therefore, they are expected to put on the type of hair with low maintenance. Those who are stylish and have time to visit their hairdresser can make use of high-maintenance hairstyles.


Communication is the third most effective way of getting more out of your hairdresser. Most women walk into the salon with already made-up minds. However, allowing their hairdresser to make competent suggestions for them makes them more likely to walk out satisfied than when they would make their suggestions. Always remember to open the lines of communication between yourself and the salon.

Be on Time

Those who have visited busy hair salons understand that time is an essential factor in getting your hair done well. Hairdressers hate it when they have to wait for a client who’s eating on their time. Time is important for every hairdresser as they are client-based.

Be Honest

Hairdressers are more than likely to ask you about your hair history. This is because it allows them to come up with the best schedule for your hair. Therefore, if you fail to be truthful about the ointments you have been applying and the styles you have been bombarding your hair, you have no one to blame when you don’t get what you wanted right.

Getting your hair done doesn’t have to be a gamble for you. With these five tips, you will enjoy glamorous healthy hair for a very long time. If you’re looking for the best hair salon in New Jersey, look no further than Beautiful Revenge Salon!



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