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There are different types of machines for different uses. The quality of a product lies in the effectiveness of the types of equipment used. Tire shredding happens to be one of the most demanding recycling procedures. The durability and efficiency of the equipment and tools shouldn’t be called into question at any point in time. If you are hoping to dive into the business of tire-shredding, it is important that you start with the best the market has to offer so that your business growth will be smooth. Tire Shredder consists of over 20 different materials. Therefore, in order to successfully shred the tires without losing or destroying any component, the right process has to be followed with the right machines.

There are different types of tire shredders for different stages in the recycling process. There are primary shredders; this is the first stage of the shredding process and the shredders usually possess single or double shafts; also known as shear shredders. There are also secondary shredders, usually graters or grinders, which basically grind already shredded materials into smaller bits. This stage is where the size of the particles can be controlled. Secondary Tire Shredders typically have high and low-speed rotary knives and wheels. Next are the translators, which usually vary in size. They produce fine particles and passing the tire shreds through this machine several times can make rubber crumps. The cracker mill is the final stage of the recycling process. It grinds rubber crumbs into fine powder measurable in millimeters. These rubber powders can be used in making car parts and even new tires.

If you are looking to buy Tire Shredders, you may want to consider the following brands; SSI Shredding Systems have designed different industrial shredding solutions with applications including reduction, recycling, recovery, and energy conversion. Some of their products include; UNI-SHEAR SINGLE SHAFT SHREDDERS, DUAL SHEAR TWO SHAFT SHREDDERS, PRIMAX PRIMARY REDUCERS, PRELOAD COMPACTORS, and so on. Another company that offers tire shredding and recycling equipment is the Gran tech Saturn System. They offer equipment designed to process scrap tires for recycling and repurposing for a variety of applications. With about 50 years of experience in developing equipment to provide high-quality rubber from used and disposed tires of different sizes. They produce single, double, and quad shaft machines for industrial shredders. They also produce grinders, powderize, translators, and refiner mills, among others.

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