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Bruce Weber Photographer Gives a Brief Introduction to Fashion Photography and its Types

Fashion photography largely involves taking images to capture clothing, hair styles, make-up, jewelry, or other fashion related products for commercial purposes.  Fashion photography has been closely linked with celebrity portraiture from its beginnings. In fact, Bruce Weber Photographer came to public attention in the 1990s when started taking commercial photos for Calvin Klein. His photo of Tom Hintaus for Klein has been an iconic image. His fashion photographs appeared in 1970s for the first time in GQ. Over the decades, Bruce has worked with numerous celebrities for fashion photo shoots.

Fashion photography is dedicated to showcasing clothes and other fashion items in the best possible manner. Fashion images are usually vibrant, creative and trendy, and help in creating a desire for the product among the audience. Fashion photographers work with models, actors and other celebrities, shoot at exotic locations, and capture avant-garde modeling poses, for the purpose of communicating the vibe of a brand. However, this doesn’t mean that all fashion photos are meant for high-end, luxury items. In many fashion magazines, one would also find people wearing everyday clothing. These are fashion photos as well.

Editorial fashion photography is among the most popular photography styles in this genre. Bruce Weber Photographer has made quite a great reputation for himself for adding life and vitality to his editorials for GQ and other men’s magazines.  The purpose of editorial shoots is to tell a complete story through the pages of a fashion magazine. Such shoots usually follow a model through various tasks, poses and settings, with the aim of narrating a story. Obviously, the clothes of a certain brand or designer are featured throughout. The type of photography approach needed for editorial photo shoots is generally fully in the hands of the photographer. Bruce Weber, for instance, prefers taking black and white photos, in comparison to colored images.

High fashion photography is the most avant-garde variant of fashion photography. Such shoots typically involve famous celebrities or supermodels, who are highly stylized, make unique poses and wear glamorous and over the top outfits to grab attention. Each and every element of the composition of a high fashion photograph is meant to provide the maximum impact, right from its location to the hair and makeup.  High fashion photos are usually meant for billboard advertising or single-page magazine advertising.  In contrast to high fashion photography, catalog shoots involve fashion photos that showcase everyday clothes in a neutral way. While they can be shot on location, but in most cases, catalog shoots are done in a studio with a plain background.

Street fashion photography is the fourth and final type of fashion shoot. In such situations, images are shot on location in everyday environments. Street fashion photography can be used for catalogs and editorial purposes, or it can be a fashion image by itself as well. More details of all these styles can be found online.

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