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Plant containers are in different shapes and sizes, and having to raise a garden has taken a new shape since the emergency of all sorts of plant containers. The simple answer to the question that gets you to this article is, yes, beans can be grown in plant containers. You can cultivate, grow, and harvest snap beans and other types of beans in plant containers. Growing beans in plant containers are ideal for balconies, patios, rooftops, decks, and other types of gardens. Beans can also be grown indoors as long as it is exposed to lights. Many apartment gardeners like to grow bush beans because it affords them the ability to cultivate three to six plants in large plant containers. Bush varieties are compact, have a good return, and mature very fast within a few weeks, and this is usually earlier than pole beans. Pole beans are large plants. They have longevity when it comes to production, as they produce over a longer time than bush beans. Pole beans need a strong, well-structured pole or trellis.

Here is the fact that can be traced to the growing of beans in plant containers, they can grow as an annual crop and can be grown indoors all year round, the plant size of beans at maturity is about 15 to 20 inches tall for bush beans while pole snap beans grow as tall as 5 to 8 feet. Planting beans in plant containers can be done with seeds or can be aided by transplanting them, and their requirement for light is full sun, which means they must be positioned where they will have direct access to the sunlight. The temperature needed for beans as they are warm weather crops is about 65oF, it is saved to plant beans when the soil reaches that level of temperature. They can be harvested between 50 to 60 days and beans also have seed viability of about 3 years.

In choosing plant containers that will best suit your beans, it is easier to raise snap beans in balcony, deck, or patio containers. You can make use of a 2-gallon container for planting 3 plants of bush beans while you can use 5 gallons for planting 3 plants of pole beans, that is why it is earlier said that it is easier to grow bush beans in the house than pole beans. Ensuring the depth of 8 – 12 inches of container soil for beans, unlike bush beans pole beans, requires support by stakes and I want to believe that this is where the name pole beans originated from.

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