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Can you afford custom doors?

From an architectural point of view, the most bizarre first impression always has on the door. Custom doors open up a whole range of exciting possibilities. It can be a unique exterior door that welcomes your home, or an attractive indoor unit that highlights the decoration of a special room. There are so many ways to evaluate custom door costs that each situation needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. The cost comparison should start with the installation if necessary, as these related costs may exceed the door itself.

Most modern doors, whether conventional or standard, now come pre-hung. The door and hinges are attached to a door rail with a separating stop and a cover pre-attached on one side. A threshold is included for outside doors. The entire assembly is temporarily prepared to facilitate assembly and the door is pre-drilled to suit the latch and lock assembly. For new construction, the door frame can have one of two standard dimensions to match the usual wall thickness. You can also provide your own door frame widths, usually in 1/16 inch increments, for installation in older homes or for new construction with non-standard features.

How to choose the custom doors?

If you are planning a traditional house, special framing requirements for larger, more dramatic designs using side windows, door window frames or even double glazed windows. Entrance doors can be considered from the beginning, so fitting a custom door is a reasonable and cheap option. When remodeling a house, installing larger doors or adding some of the same special features may require a significant amount of production to ensure the necessary opening. This also makes the project more expensive.

However, there are other situations where custom doors can be used without significant costs. In older homes, the length and width of the door may differ from the standard size, but these clearances may be perfectly acceptable. In this case, the door can be designed to fit securely into the existing door frame without the need to change, replace or repair the existing cover.

In addition to the beauty and uniqueness of conventional door installation, there are other benefits. Conventional doors always have higher impact resistance to protect against storm debris and intrusion. The decorative glass used in conventional doors is always double-filled, argon-filled, Low-E construction, which results in a higher degree of insulation and provides extra protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Higher fire resistance is also available thanks to improved materials and design.

In the final evaluation, it may happen that spending more on custom door installation will come at an additional cost if you consider several other aspects. These may include beauty, uniqueness, as well as personal satisfaction.

Enjoy the amazing opportunity for custom doors!

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