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Checking if your email address has been leaked

Data breaches are how your email address gets leaked all over the internet. This causes your email address to appear on the dark web, illicit websites, and other forums. As per an IBM report, it could take up to 270 days to identify and fix a breach. You wouldn’t realize that your email address has been taken over by hackers. This is an extreme cybercrime and serious measures must be taken to prevent this. Do check out leaked email checker online

What happens after your email is leaked?

Private data might cause a lot of trouble for individuals if it gets into public forums or the dark web. If hackers manage to gain access to your email address and password:

1. More spam and fraudulent emails

If you keep getting more spam and suspicious emails than normal, it could mean that your email address is visible in a public forum on the internet. Cybercriminals who send these emails often appear to be marketing agents and may try to know your banking details.

2. Takeover of accounts

If the password of your email address was also leaked in the breach, a hacker could easily access your accounts linked with your email address. They might use the emails and data in your inbox to access sensitive data such as credit card details and social media accounts. They might even consider blackmailing you for ransom to let you have your accounts back.

3. Identity theft

Identity theft is another potential consequence of an email leak. Identity theft is when someone misuses your personal information to make other people or companies believe they are you. They could:

  • Take out additional agreements and memberships in your name.
  • Provide your information when applying for new financial accounts, credit cards, and mortgages.
  • Make false purchases.
  • Ask relatives and close friends for money while pretending to be you.
  • Use your information to perform crimes.

4. Checking for an email leak

It’s critical to routinely check for indications that your email has been compromised, considering how often data breaches occur. To find out whether your email account has been hacked, a smart way to accomplish this is to search databases that are created by online security analysts to assist individuals in doing just that. You may look up your password, phone number, and email address using these websites.

Make sure your email address doesn’t get breached

1. Modify your passwords

As soon as you learn that your email has been compromised, you should reset the passwords on those affected accounts. This is presuming that each account you have created has a strong, distinct password.

2. Make use of email nicknames

One useful tactic to protect your privacy on the internet is to use multiple email identities, particularly in the event of an email disclosure. You may restrict the quantity of private data you expose online and maintain the privacy of your main email address by using an email alias.

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