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Comparing New vs. Used Horse Floats: Which Is Better?

A horse float is a specialised vehicle manufactured for transporting horses. It is one of the most vital factors used in equestrian sports and horse trades, transferring horses from one place to another. This vehicle has made equine transfer smoother and more secure.

Its skyrocketing popularity has led various companies to manufacture numerous styles and sizes, expanding its market. This growth in variation has broadened the scope of buying and selling these vehicles.

However, the key question remains: Which is the best and wiser choice between a new or a used horse float?

Advantages of New Horse Floats

Latest Features and Technology

The most recently produced horse floats have met an innovative turn with improved safety mechanisms and advanced materials. This development led to the manufacturing of a horse trailer with better ventilation, advanced suspension systems, and a sturdier vehicle. It has ensured both horses and their owner will have a comfortable and safe transportation environment within the float.

Warranty and Support

Another advantage of purchasing a new horse float is it is under the company’s warranty. A  firm that sells a horse float is always equipped with a warranty that has comprehensive coverage, such as:

  • Mechanical breakdowns,
  • Service plans, like towing allowance and roadside assistance, and,
  • Structural warranty.

Furthermore, the firm’s customer support is easy to reach 24/7, promptly addressing their client’s needs and concerns.

Personalisation Choices

Having the option to choose unique features and designs is one of the primary benefits of purchasing a new horse float. You may customise the float to fit your requirements when you buy fresh. For example, you may choose custom storage options and layout choices to make sure the float satisfies all of your needs for your horse’s comfort and convenience.

Things to Think About When Purchasing New

Greater Initial Outlay

There is an initial expense associated with new horse floats. Even though this could seem like a big investment at first, it is important to take depreciation and long-term worth into account. In the first few years of ownership, new floats often depreciate quickly, which might affect their resale value.

Advantages of Used Horse Floats

New horse floats are much more expensive than used ones. There may be a significant cost difference, which is an easy way to work out a better price and meet your budget.

Quick Accessibility

There is no waiting time for manufacture or delivery when using old floats. For urgent demands, it is helpful that they are ready to use.

Demonstrated Dependability

Used horse floats for sale have a history of performance and a track record. This offers the chance to purchase a float that has been dependably maintained and cared for.

Considerations When Purchasing Used

The Danger of Unreported Problems

The likelihood of hidden issues that are unforeseen in the first place is one of the main worries with utilised floats. In order to prevent unanticipated repairs and guarantee the safety and dependability of the float, thorough inspections and history checks are essential.

Restricted Warranty and Assistance

Used floats sometimes don’t have a manufacturer guarantee, unlike new ones. There are also fewer choices for repairs and after-sale assistance, which might be problematic if problems occur.

Final Words

There are certain advantages and things to consider for both new and secondhand horse floats. Although they have more customisation possibilities and contemporary features, new floats are more expensive initially and lose value quickly. By learning which works best for you, unloading and loading your horse float, and travelling with your equine would be smooth as butter.

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