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Do You Know Why Printing Companies Need a Pallet Inverter?

When a pallet needs to be turned, pallet inverters are crucial. As they enable smooth transfers with simply a button press or lever pulls.

Pallet inverters increase productivity and cut waste for your company. Pallet load inverters eliminate the necessity to physically pallet stacking and re-stacking, and thereby lowering any risk of product/commodity damage and letting your staff to spend more time on other duties.

Top Industries Inc. has got plenty of material handling experience. Therefore, you can always trust the capability of the engineers of this company to design a pallet inverter for your business.

Pallet inverters can help you work more efficiently, produce better results, and make your workplace safer. The main job of pallet inverters is to rotate and transport paper and cardboard pallets of varied shapes, sizes, and weights. This is done by hydraulically raising and rotating the pile.

Pallet inverters spin the product on its head to replace time-consuming manual handling. The pallet is then physically taken out of the machine and changed out for a fresh pallet.

Pallet inverters can operate independently or be linked into a logistic system employing conveying technologies such as roller conveyors or plastic belts.

In order to do extra jobs, they can also be fitted with jogging and aerating units (with blowers and air nozzles):

  • Accelerating the process of drying of printed products
  • Aligning of the sheets by using an aligning gauge
  • Removal of waste sheets with the help of the operator
  • Easy manual pallet exchange, which includes replacing wooden pallets with certain system pallets for the process of non-stop pallet
  • Centring the pile on the pallet when they are equipped with a centring device
  • Separating any sticking sheets before the process of printing.

Pallet inverters have advantages for the packaging sector

The printing industry, the cardboard conversion industry, and the packaging industry are all rapidly growing, and they all anticipate better and quick results. Pallet inverters have shown to be a wise purchase because they:

  • Speed up and improve the printing quality and the finishing process
  • Handle different categories of paper and board
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Provide a compact solution
  • Avoid mis-feeds by creating certain air cushion between the sheets

Benefits offered by pallet inverters

Pallet Transfer Station | by Toppy

The following are the benefits of pallet inverters:

  1. Reduce injury risks

If employees have to lift and handle any heavy objects manually, then they always run the risk of facing an injury while at work that can be reduced.

  1. Reduce product damage risks

Pallet inverters will help replacing damaged pallets prior to delivering or storing any goods to clients, thus reducing any risk of product damage.

  1. Increase productivity

It takes far less time to use a pallet inverter to rotate a product 180⁰ than it does to manually remove and reassemble a pallet. If a product is not roughly handled then it is always having less possibility of harmed due to human error.

  1. Save space

Pallet inverters can be used when lift trucks cannot fit.

You may visit the official YouTube sites of Top Industries Inc. to find many other applications of pallet inverters.

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