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Download YouTube Videos on Cellular

There are many videos on YouTube. You might want to save some YouTube videos to your device, such as your computer, phone, or external drive, so you can watch them offline to beat the boredom on the plane or train. So how to download YouTube videos on your phone for free? In this post, we will provide a detailed tutorial on how to save YouTube videos. In addition, it provides notes and suggestions for saving YouTube videos. If you are good at Italy, you can also search for “youtube shorts download“, to find it.

Download YouTube Videos on Your Phone

Telephones are becoming more and more important in our daily life. Modern phones have a lot of capacity, and you can store a lot of YouTube videos on them. Once the videos are saved, you can watch them without worrying about your mobile data. The tutorials on how to save YouTube videos for Android and iOS are different, we want to show you how to save videos for Android and iOS phones, one by one.

Download android YouTube video

There are several tools that can help you save YouTube videos on your Android phone. Here we recommend YTBvideoly. YTBvideoly is a popular online video downloader. With it, you can save YouTube videos directly to your phone with fast speed and good quality. Also, this app allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Here is a tutorial on how to save YouTube videos to Android by YTBvideoly.

 Step 1: Open the TikTok app on your Android phone.

 Step 2: Research the video you want to save.

 To find that video, you can directly enter the keyword in the search bar of the application. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video into the search bar.

 Step 3: When the app taps the video download you want to delete and save, press the green arrow to save his phone.

 Step 4: Select the video quality as your personal preference in the new interface, please press the download button. After clicking, the downloaded video will be stored on your phone.

Download YouTube videos iOS

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone? The process of saving YouTube videos on iOS devices is a bit complicated. But the following tutorial is as detailed as possible.

 Step 1: Download and install the file via Raddle on your iOS device.

If you already have the app installed, please skip this step. As an iPhone user, you must have heard of Raddle’s Documents. It is the best file manager for iPhone and iPad.

 Step 2: Copy the link of the YouTube video.

Open the YouTube app on your phone and search for the video you want to save. Once found, play the video and click the share button below the video. Then, in the sharing interface, click the Copy Link button.

Step 3: Save the video on your iPhone or iPad.

Open the Documents app through Raddle. Press the blue compass icon at the bottom of the documentation screen. This will open a web browser. Visit YouTube Video Downloader in your browser and paste the copied video link into the search bar. Press the download button and YTBvideoly will display the search results with some download options below. Scroll down the screen and press Best to download or download another format.

 Denomie video if you want, please press the button. choose a download option

After the last step, the YouTube video is stored on your iPhone or iPad.

In conclusion

So, downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone or Android phone is simple. You can use the above-mentioned tools like YTBvideoly, YouTube Video Converter which is the best YouTube Video Converter. Try watching YouTube videos offline during your boring journey.

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