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Guide to Design a Good Data Center

With the world being highly digitalized today; data centers are gaining immense popularity. These are home to complex and hi-tech infrastructures offering users with endless possibilities.

Designing data centers which means creating an architectural layout model is essential to gain a logical conception of the data center infrastructure before it is actually developed. 

A data center when well-designed can pave the way for smoother operations and augment data management.

If you’ve been looking for how to exactly design your data center; you do not have to look further. Here is your guide to design a data center.

1] Facility design 

Since data centers are the most energy consuming centers; there’s a need to access information round the clock. The centers have to be designed such that there is optimum space and environment control. It is emphasized that the equipment should be stored within specific temperature/humidity ranges. 

2] Physical space and organization 

When designing data centers, most focus only on fulfilling their current needs to save costs.  Work on floor space, cabinets and racks as these are the main areas of space improvement.  

In data centers, there is a need to install switches, routers, firewalls and other security systems so there should be provision for the same in the design.

3] Cooling system 

Data centers house expensive technology inventory that runs for long hours sometimes even the entire day. Provisions should, therefore, be made in the design to have cooling systems in place. This will result in efficient cooling and airflow, avoid excessive use of power and minimize chances of overheating. This can be done by employing cooling and exhaust systems.

4] Support infrastructure 

Generators, battery banks and other redundant power sources should be installed that facilitate uninterrupted working. Biometrics and video metrics systems are required to be installed for physical security.

The above covered pointers are very generic to actually go and design a center. You need an expert’s eye and mind to know exactly what should be placed where to get optimum functionality. This is why their designing shouldn’t be taken up by self but the task should be outsourced to experts like data center architects Stendel + Reich

With their knowledge and experience, they can rightly design the space for you. Many firms believe good designing of data centers can mitigate several risks and even streamline several processes. This will boost efficiency, reduce costs and lead to overall benefits for the data center! 

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