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Horse Race Betting: Do’s and Don’ts When Betting on Horse Racing

Wagering through Singapore pools horse racing can be exciting as it offers recreational and financial rewards. When done right, it can be a rewarding and profitable equestrian sport, particularly for those participating in betting. With the popularity of horse racing among many Singaporeans and Malaysians, exploring different tips on how to place and win a wager is necessary. 

Learn the Types of Bets

Understanding the different types of bets will allow gamblers to choose profitable ones. Punters can either opt for straight bets or exotic bets. Both are profitable in nature, but the straight bet is recommended for beginners as they are simple to comprehend. On the other hand, the exotic bet is best for professional punters who are aiming for larger payouts. Exotic bets allow punters to wager on multiple horses in a single race – this offers higher payouts but has lower odds. 

Set a Limitation

Gambling is an excellent way to kill time, especially when punters are bored. But some seasoned gamblers are placing wagers to earn money and gain experience to achieve a profitable betting journey. 

Novice or not, it is recommended that bettors be smart about their betting activities, especially when partaking in Singapore horse racing. Restricting the number of wagers, they place on a single day will help them stay disciplined and manage their finances well.

Avoid Spending Too Much 

When betting online, it is easy to get swayed by advertisements and promotional videos. This might also trigger curiosity and attract punters to place more wagers. To combat this, a good practice of bankroll management is necessary. This includes not spending all the money on hand all at once or on a single day of betting.

Another notable tip for punters is to consider all the details before wagering. Digest and understand all the information before diving into more serious betting. Bettors must give importance to the horse’s behavior, performance statistics, and competition level. Investing time in researching this information will allow them to achieve a more profitable gambling journey.

Knowing these tips will help horse race bettors to have a balanced gambling lifestyle. For more do’s and don’ts when betting on horse racing, see this infographic from 88ProAsia.


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