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How did the AI learn to undress photos?

Modern neural networks can heal people, manage traffic, predict earthquakes, or engage in big politics, but one of the most frequent requests on the network is still “a neural network to undress a photo or how to get Kendall Jenner leaked nudes for free. So, let’s analyze the principles of AI nudifiers and their functionality.

Innovations in AI photo-generating

We are talking about the sensational Deep Nude or Nudify services – neural networks that erase underwear elements from a woman’s body. Even though the developers themselves deleted the legal version, there are many pirated sites on the Internet, the principle of which differs little from the original. The team trained the neural network on 10 thousand photographs of naked girls to obtain plausible results. Journalists called the application an evolution of DeepFake ideas, not only in video but in photos. At the same time, the new algorithm is much easier to learn – a fake photo can be taken in just a couple of clicks.

How accurate are the results obtained from the AI nudifier?

The accuracy of results obtained from undress photo generators varies greatly from option to option. The quality of the final images depends on several factors: 

  • image resolution
  • type of clothing 
  • the power of the neural network itself.

The original apps were very weird and gave poor results. Today’s options are much better; you can turn any ordinary picture into a nude woman. While it’s not the same as having an X-ray machine, the most trained algorithms, like deepnude, can recreate something close to the real thing.

So, if you have never used apps that undress girls, now is the perfect time to do so. Although the nude images are not authentic, they are realistic and amazing.

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