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How random number generators are used in online hi-lo games

Hi-Lo is a popular online casino game where players bet next card drawn will be higher or lower than the current card on the table. But how exactly does the sequence of cards dealt in Hi-Lo get determined? The secret lies in sophisticated random number generators.

What are RNGs?

At their core, online Hi-Lo games utilize a random number generator or RNG. This is an algorithm that operates in the background to produce long strings of effectively unpredictable numbers. The numbers generated by the RNG translate into game results like cards dealt. True hardware-based RNGs work by taking some physical source of randomness – like electrical noise, radio signals, or laser speckle patterns – and converting it mathematically into digital outputs. These chaotic physical inputs ensure randomness.

Advantages of physical decks

Unlike physical card decks which get depleted as cards are drawn, RNGs have no memory or patterns. Each output is completely independent, allowing for an unlimited supply of freshly shuffled digital card sequences. The randomness also can’t be compromised or predicted by players. Good RNGs are rigorously statistically tested by third-party labs to prove their randomness and fairness.

Mapping RNG outputs to cards

The raw RNG outputs don’t correspond directly to cards. Further mathematical mapping is required.  A simple example would be taking an RNG output like 0.53792184981 and truncating it to 0.537. Multiply this by 52 to get 27.924. Round down to 27 and take Modulo 13 to get 5. Map this final value to the 5th card in the deck, the 5 of Spades. Each possible RNG output maps uniquely onto a specific card value so that over billions of rounds, the probability and distribution match an authentic shuffled deck.

Adding layers of entropy

Some online Hi-Lo games add additional sources of randomness beyond just the base RNG. For example, they might incorporate the server time or player account details into seeding the shuffling algorithms. This adds more entropy and uniqueness while making it impossible for two players to receive the same shuffle. The extra layers of variability help bolster unpredictability สมัครไฮโลออนไลน์ฟรี.

RNGs in action

Once shuffled, the RNG card sequence gets revealed one at a time as players submit their Hi-Lo bets. Bets are settled, payouts applied, and the next card surfaces to restart the cycle.  The RNG churns endlessly behind the scenes, ensuring every dealt hand and each Hi-Lo round is 100% random and fair. No card keeps the memory of those preceding it. So while an online Hi-Lo table lacks the ambiance of physical chips and cards, the sophisticated software powering it allows for gameplay that’s just as authentic and unpredictable. RNGs enable the sights, sounds, and real odds of a casino classic to be perfectly replicated online.

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