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How to celebrate Halloween with your young children 

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for people of ages. It’s a time to put on costumes, act like someone else and enjoy a day of pretend. With Halloween just around the corner, you may be wondering how to celebrate with your young children. The good news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here is your complete to celebrating Halloween with young kids! 

Step 1: Pick your costumes

The best part of Halloween, and arguably the most important, is the costumes. When it comes to your family, the first question to ask is whether you’ll do a group costume or let everyone choose your own. Before asking your family, make sure that you have a few ideas to make your pitch go a little smoother. Once everyone has decided what they’ll wear, make sure that you get all of the costumes ready before the big day! 

Step 2: Get a family picture 

You don’t need to share every moment of Halloween on social media. What you should do at some point, however, is get a photo of everyone together in their costumes. This will be a great memory that you can look back on for years to come! 

Step 3: Watch Holiday specials

Seasonal episodes of TV shows are great fun! For your kids, their favourite free kids cartoons will have special Halloween episodes exploring the fun of the holiday. Letting your children watch these will help them get into the fun of the day. Plus, who doesn’t a good old holiday special? 

Step 4: Decorate your home 

This is a fun holiday activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Gather your kids, set a budget, and take them out to pick up some supplies! Once you’ve gathered your decorations, it’s time to decorate your house together as a family. It’s up to you whether you want to do one room in your house or the entire house. Just remember that you’ll need to clean up the following day. 

Remember that if you’re staying in for the evening that you need plenty of sweets in case you get any trick or treaters stopping by. 

Step 5: Go trick or treating 

Trick or treating is a time-honoured Halloween tradition that your kids will love. Before taking to the streets, ensure that the area that you’re visiting is participating otherwise you may need to deal with some disappointed children. 

Once you’ve gathered all the snacks and sweets, make sure that you get your children to ration them over the next few weeks otherwise they meet too much sugar in one sitting. 

Step 6: Have fun! 

When getting everything organised, people can forget the most important thing – to have fun! 

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