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How To Determine You Need Dedicated Server Services

You might be curious about the typical daily page view rate of visitors to your site.

If this figure is between 0 and 10,000, you can relax knowing that you are secure at the moment. However, if this figure has risen to anything higher than 10,000 to 15,000, the time to begin the process of moving to a dedicated server would be upon you. In case, the number has been higher than 15,000, consider yourself lucky that your online business is still up and operating. Once you surpass 15,000-page visits per day, even the greatest shared hosting plans start experiencing issues. Consider using Asustor AS3204T for the best-dedicated server services.

How Long Does It Typically Take For Your Web Pages To Load?

With an increase in visits, the average loading time for a page increases. Giving your guest a fantastic browsing experience is your goal. Therefore, as long as it takes the browser less than two seconds on average for loading a page once one fills in the URL, everything is great. However, regarding the kind of internet business you have been running, your company is in peril if the loading time is any longer than 5 or 10 seconds. Any load time in the range of 2 to 5 seconds is essentially acceptable. The range of five to ten seconds is acceptable, but the closer it gets to the average loading time of ten seconds, the more carefully you should consider moving your hosting services from shared to dedicated servers.

How Many Server Resources Are These Specific Server Processes Using Daily?

Do you or any of your clients perform several operations every day? If you conduct a lot of little tasks during the day, your shared hosting service provider will contact you eventually. The notice is undoubtedly approaching if you were running a few intensive processes here and there. Therefore, the time would be right for you to switch to a reliable and dedicated server if you intend to run tasks that consume a lot of server resources. Simply put, shared hosting does not give you the flexibility or freedom to perform all the procedures you would need to operate.

On What IP Address Is Your Website Hosted? How Many Websites Do You Require For Hosting?

A shared server, as opposed to a dedicated one, would host numerous other websites. These sites will all use a certain amount of resources. Therefore, if your company is expanding and you require using more force to satisfy your customers, you should prepare for an increase in customer dissatisfaction in the future. It’s time to switch to a dedicated server in case your shared hosting server has been hosting ten or more sites in addition to your company’s. One of the main causes of lost revenues is dissatisfied customers. Avoid losing customers by making them unhappy with your services due to ineffective servers.

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