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Look for These Things When Choosing Spill Kits Australia

Do you know what to look for when looking for providers of spill kits in Australia? If you’re reading this, then you either don’t know, or you’re willing to know more. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Chemical leaks and liquid spills are collectively a major cause of different accidents and disasters. Spill kits provide a means of preventing these incidents. Using spill kits, you can combat leaks safely and effectively. Thus, having a quality kit nearby can help you prevent major damage or regulate the effect of minor ones.

Important Qualities of Spill Kits That You Must Consider

What Spill Are You Dealing With?

Spill kits can be found in many variations, depending on what substance they absorb. This is important because, for instance, water and oil-based spills behave differently. They don’t respond to cleaning measures the same way, so you need a kit that deals with both. But that’s not all.

Commercial leaks can range from solvents to corrosive liquids. When choosing a spill kit, you should consider the type of chemical or liquid spill. Solvents have different characteristics from corrosive agents, especially ones that may or may not be flammable.

But does that mean you need two different kits? Not necessarily. The right kit absorbs all kinds of inert, volatile, or reactive materials.

How Big a Spill Are You Expecting?

If you have encountered spills in the past, how bad they got can indicate the type of tools you’re looking for. The size of a spill determines how effective the kit itself needs to be.

If you’re using them with the right drainage systems, then you don’t have to worry. Even if you lose an entire drum of liquid, a well-placed gutter system means that you’ll do well with a standard-sized drain kit.

Does It Contain All The Necessary Equipment?

Spills can be complicated and challenging, so just one tool might not be enough to work against them. Depending on your industrial requirements and the damage you risk, you need a whole set.

The typical spill kit in Australia contains

  • A portable labelled bin for storing goods
  • Absorbent items like socks, pads, and cushions
  • Drainage materials
  • Disposal materials
  • Regulation PPE like gloves, goggles, masks, etc.

The exact kit you need might have different versions of items depending on the type of chemicals involved. Make sure that everything is there and that it is right for the job when buying your kit.

How Does Your Business or Location Play Into This?

Every environment has some risk of a spill. But based on what we have discussed, some need specialized spill kits more urgently than others. For instance, a warehouse or a drinks factory may need more robust kits than a rain shelter.

But that’s just factoring in the volume of the spill. The type of business also determines which kit is ideal for preventing accidents. Commercial kitchens, for instance, will have different needs from most labs. That’s because they handle different chemicals.

For most low-maintenance applications, general spill kits are a great all-in-one solution. But as the risks get complicated, so does the need for specialized combative material.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Spill kits in Australia are a necessity if you run a business of any kind. This is equally true if you run a painting business if your facility handles flammable liquids on a regular basis. Of course, we have learned that the type of kit you’ll need will matter here, so look into these things.

A lot of people don’t know exactly what to look for in a spill kit and end up paying for the wrong equipment. Or worse, they end up failing to contain hazardous leaking, so they’ve wasted money and experienced further, possibly expensive damage.

So be fully aware of your needs and do your research thoroughly. Proper consideration ensures that you make the right choice.

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