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Major Consequences Of Delaying A Root Canal

Do you experience excruciating pain in your teeth while speaking and chewing? Has your dentist recommended an RCT? Although RCT came as a shock to you, ignoring the treatment can result in several consequences. This article highlights the consequences of delaying a root canal treatment, as suggested by a Plymouth dentist. Let’s dive in! 

Consequences Of Delaying An RCT 

1. Spread of infection 

Generally, root canal treatment is suggested when the infection spreads in your tissues and nerves. This infection is caused by delayed infection or a fracture in the tooth. If the dentist attacks this infection, it is an ongoing process. Otherwise, the chances of infection spreading to surrounding teeth increase. This infection can travel to other body parts through nerves, causing various life-threatening diseases. 

2. Extreme pain 

The infection in your tooth can cause extreme pain. As time passes this pain worsens. If there is a sensation in your tooth, it indicates the alive pulp. In case the pain does not subside for a long time, it indicates an infected pulp. In such a condition, the recovery chances are less. 

3. Complex treatment 

Most people do not go for the root canal treatment, thinking it is a complex treatment. However, if you delay the procedure, your dentist will perform more difficult treatments on you. This is because the infection spreads at a faster speed. Besides your mouth, the bacteria infect other body parts as well. The longer you delay the root canal treatment, the more complex the treatment is. 

4. Loss of tooth 

The primary goal of root canal treatment is to remove the infected and decayed tooth successfully. Additionally, it aims to seal any further damage to prevent tooth loss. In case the root canal treatment is delayed, the chances of removing the entire root increase. This is because the infection spreads rapidly.

5. Acute abscess 

If not treated timely, a root canal can result in bone loss and acute abscess. An abscess is known as the formation of pus on the infected pulp. In such a condition, you may experience a lot of pain. In certain cases, acute abscess also results in swelling. If this condition is not treated timely, it causes swelling in your jawbone. You may also face breathing problems. 

Wrapping Up! 

Delaying root canal treatment is not an excellent choice as it results in several complications. These are the top five consequences that you may face if you delay RCT. 

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