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Plan your 25th marriage anniversary with us – Toronto limo service

The silver wedding is an important wedding anniversary and is celebrated by many couples. With the right planning, the celebration is guaranteed to be a success. The following tips will help you to organize your silver wedding celebration successfully.

Proper planning

Especially in times when more than every third marriage ends in divorce, a silver wedding is worth a big celebration. In order for the celebration to be a complete success, good planning is important. Usually the children, close friends or relatives take care of the preparations. Will the celebration take place privately at the bride and groom’s home or will it be in a restaurant? Does the couple want a dress code and are there any gift requests? The best choice is hiring a luxury Toronto limo. Just share your party ideas and theme, order your foods and drinks, gather your close friends, and welcome aboard.

Decorate the premises for the silver wedding

For the celebration of the silver wedding, the premises can be festively decorated. If the celebration takes place in the house of the bridal couple, the decoration begins in front of the front door. Pots of flowers are placed there and decorated with silver. Aluminum foil works best for this. A wreath can also be hung on the door, decorated with white flowers and silver bows and a 25 on it. 

Special decorative elements such as silver candles, garlands or silver spray can be used in the house. If the celebration takes place in a restaurant, the decoration requires a little less planning. Some restaurants already decorate the table according to the occasion. If this is not the case, you can also decorate the table with candles and flowers.

The course of the celebration

You should plan the course of the celebration according to the ideas of the bridal couple. When all the guests have arrived, the bridal couple usually gives a little speech themselves. Relatives and friends can also hold speeches and recite poems, or skits at the celebration of a silver wedding. When planning the celebration, the wishes of the silver bride and groom should always be in the foreground. Bookings of the premises or a photographer or DJ should be planned in good time to avoid scheduling problems. 

Wedding anniversary invitation

The precious metal silver was already symbolic of the 25th anniversary of marriage in the Middle Ages. It was considered a symbol of brilliance and lasting value. That is exactly how you want to shine on this special day, because a partnership that has mastered difficulties during this time is almost unusual these days and requires a proper celebration. Wedding anniversaries are definitely a nice occasion to refresh the memory of the wedding and why should you do this alone.

If you want to invite to a silver wedding, you should invest a little time in the planning, because it does not necessarily want to be celebrated in a small circle, and this wedding day rightly demands an appropriate framework. The number of guests is decisive. The size of the ballroom or the amount of food and drinks that you want to offer depends on you.

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