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Questions to ask an astrologer during the first meeting

Meetings with an astrologer can be super nerve-wracking for quite a few of us. It is much like your first visit with a physician, with a bunch of new expectations and a dread of what may be the outcome of the meeting. Well, every astrologer is different, the same can be said for every client’s experience. Hence, there is no strong list of all “good” questions one can pop in in the first meeting with Astro. Our list here will ensure you some strong footing on the debuting discussion on stars and planets.

It is in the first meeting usually that the expert will read and decipher the natal chart or the Kundli. As you may (or may not) know, this chart is basically going to be the backbone of the entirety of your predictions. Hence, the basic questions for you to ask astrologer must be connected to this chart.

Below we discuss some basic, yet powerful and upfront questions that can get you the most out of your maiden session:

  1. Based on my chart what should be my immediate course of action in life?

This is a good one for starters. As an open-ended question, it can be placed after a variety of predictions. Ranging from education-related problems to bumps in marital life or a bad patch in business, the placement of this question after your astrologer’s prediction will cut straight into the remedies you can go for.

  1. Are there any fatalities or heinous luck you can see?

Another basic and to-the-point query. Although no good astrologer will make any prediction of doom, ask astrologer this type of question and you can get an insight into any bad fortune fate may have lined up for you. Beginning this discussion will also allow you to reach the topic of remedies more easily.

  1. How is my family life?

Family always stands to be a dear topic to all the help seekers. Often people will visit an astrologer just to get help on this front. From joint family problems to problems regarding marital life, family is a strong topic. Even singles can ask this question as a preparation for the oncoming days. This question will throw light on your future spouse and in-laws, sharing tips on which star signs to avoid, etc. You might even get info on the child-related question.

  1. What is the best career course for me? or Will XYZ be a good career choice for me?

Career is another hot topic when it comes to astrology. People want to know when, where, and how they are going to succeed.  The best way to go about this topic is to never hesitate or beat around. Putting either of our suggested questions shall propel the discourse in your direction.

  1. Where should I live?

Sounds weird? Actually, this is important. A lot of the clients seek astrological guidance before making big moves like emigrating, buying a new house or property, etc. According to astrology, not every place is suitable for every soul. Hence clarifying your plans before settling somewhere could be beneficial for you. If you have a foreign tour or residence in your chart, this point will bring out that as well.

  1. How shall my next few years be?

As intelligent beings, we like to work with both long-term and short-term goals. If this sounds anything like you, you must sneak in this question, preferably at the end of the session. This will help you get a general outline of your social and personal life over the next few years. If you are consulting your expert at the beginning of the year, this will also let you know how the rest of the year can shape out.

  1. Does my lover love me? Or any love-related questions.

A lot of individuals also reach out to these services to seek an answer for their relationships. Asking a love-related question in the first session will help the astrologer understand your reason for visiting better. And no, you must not worry, it is not wrong to ask such questions.

Astrology is the science of stars and planets. Astrologers are not-minded readers and definitely not magicians. The astrologer may not always be capable of answering your questions to the tee on your first visit, so it is always advised to be patient and keep in touch to observe the powers of this discipline.

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