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The Distinction Between Security Officers and Guards

Security officers and guards both have a duty to ensure safety, but they vary considerably from one another in many respects. Fundamentally, both classifications have the same responsibilities and roles. Job roles’ order and power make the distinction. Checking out Perceptage Security if you are planning on hiring security personnel is highly advisable.

First, let us quickly define the terms “security officer” and “security guard” below. 

Security guards

An individual of lower rank who often assists a security officer is a security guard. They cooperate with the police and work under their direction to ensure seamless functioning. They normally do not need to undergo extensive training, though this completely depends on the hiring firm.

Security Officers

A security officer supervises a team of security agents. They routinely issue instructions and control the guards’ actions. Because they frequently have more training and experience than security guards, a security officer may also be tasked with coaching security officers.

Comparisons between a security officer and a guard

  • Placement

For routine inspections, a security officer is not posted at a location like the front gate of a corporate building. These tasks are often carried out by a team of security guards working under the direction of a security officer.

  • Monitoring

A security officer should get reports from a security guard. Security officials do not have to answer to a security guard because they are higher up in the organizational structure.

  • Education/Training

To guarantee that every component of the surveillance system is operating properly, security officers must go through intensive training. A security guard does not require considerable training because he is merely expected to carry out duties relating to his position. For instance, a security guard at a building’s door who is in charge of keeping the log book does not require an introduction to other security divisions. To get access to anything in the security system, security employees must complete training.

How do they operate?

Officers in charge of operations security must shift from one location to another while maintaining the security apparatus. A security officer is posted in one location (not the guards most of the time). For instance, a security officer who is in command of frisking must be stationed in a specific location. To verify that the security system is functioning properly, security professionals must roam the facility. This could involve anything from testing the functionality of CCTV cameras to problems like tailgating or unwanted entry.

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