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The Importance of Ink Testing Tools for the Packaging Industry

Labels play a vital role, particularly for electrical and safety items. Since important information is printed on the labels, they must be long-lasting and sturdy. Every label has to undergo a routine ink test. The routine ink rub testing is conducted to verify the labels are capable of withstanding the different weather conditions and are durable enough to hold up to the test of time. Advanced instruments and tools are used to determine the resistance to rubbing and scuffing, playing a vital role in the packaging industry.

Multiple benefits of the ink tester

The ink rub test involves rubbing the labels against an abrasive. It is rubbed multiple times to ensure its durability. After getting rubbed a hundred times and sometimes, even more, the readability of the information on the label is evaluated. The modern and advanced ink rub tester makes the process faster and less complex. There are multiple benefits to using rub testing instruments or tools in the packaging industry.

Enhanced product safety

One of the primary advantages of using ink rub testing is that product safety is increased. Labels are critical in providing information, especially in electronic products. Labels on machinery equipment offer information like required electrical voltage, amperage, cautions, basic functioning instruction, model number, and so on. Such information must be visible, or else major safety concerns might occur. The same applies to medical devices, especially for the safety of patients. Hence, by evaluating the abrasion resistance of labels, product safety can be increased significantly.

Compilation of industrial standards

Whenever a product is developed or created, it needs to be designed as per industrial compliance standards. Thus, assessing the ink abrasion is one of the critical factors that need to be undertaken while delivering products to a wide array of clients and customers. With the help of an ink rub tester, the business can deliver superior-quality products. This is made possible as the ink test can evaluate the durability of items before they reach the customer or clients.

Increase product value

Another reason for using an ink testing instrument is that the product value gets increased. When a high-quality label print is used on the product’s packaging, there is also assurance that the right item is delivered to the customer and clients. To sustain a business brand, increasing the value of the products is an essential aspect. This is taken care of with the help of an ink rub tester, which guarantees the quality and durability of products.


When a product label can withstand scuffing, smearing, and marking during handling, transit, packaging, distribution, and general use, it is considered a top-notch quality item. To ensure that industry standard products reach the customers and clients, a strict rub resistance ink test of printed labels must be carried out. The ink testing tool assesses the label’s durability by simulating a real-world environment. The tester determines the quality of the product label by measuring its abrasion and scuffing resistance.

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