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Top 8 Jungle Themed Party Games

Monkey Tag

This play is similar to the popular outdoor activity of freeze tag, except the “it” player must behave just like a monkey. Instead of pausing in a spot once caught, a player hops and behaves like just a monkey. After being transformed into a monkey, a player must attempt to mimic a monkey while assisting the initial monkey in catching other players involved. When one player is caught, the other would be caught too. Also check: dschungelparty

Lucky Monkey

From yellow chipboard, cut banana structures and jot down the term “monkey” on one of them. Also on leftover bananas, put the names of various wildlife animals. Put them together in a travel hat or bucket and call it a day. Assemble the children in a circular pattern and have them eventually start choosing a banana from the hat. Whenever a player chooses wildlife other than just the monkey, one could just imitate that living creature by running all around the circle. Moreover, if a player selects the monkey banana, he/she will be the lucky recipient of a reward. Continue to play till everyone’s had a chance to have been the fortunate monkey.

Catch the Snake’s Tail

Assemble the participants and then have them form a line, each clutching the torso of the player in the front of them. Participants establish a snake-like line. The snake’s goal in this play is to grab its tail. The first player in the path will pick up the pace to and grasp the very last player in line while leading the other participants of the snake across the wild. If the snake chain is disrupted, the snake should revert to the beginning line and begin again.

Safari Animal Scavenger Hunt

Arrange multiple stuffed wild animals well about the party area before the event. Assemble the children and inform them that the jungle creatures have vanished. Next, tell the children only one of the lost animals’ names. Tell them the name of another animal once they’ve collected the first. Continue to play till all the stray safari animals have been apprehended.

Sleeping Lions

The sluggish lions have become too exhausted for any kind of motion, so overlook the freeze dancer. Rather, blast some tunes and then have the guests growl like lions as they roam the dance floor. Rather than freezing whenever a song halts, young kids will tumble towards the ground as well as lay still like resting lions. The contest is over for the final child who has turned into a sleeping lion. Restart the song and participate in many more rounds as necessary so that only one person is left.

Play Classic Games With a Safari Theme

Popular party games get a tropical makeover. Improve the play Duck Duck and Goose into Tiger Tiger Cheetah, for example. Play Rotten Bananas rather than Hot Potato. Play melodic chairs to the tune of  “in the jungle the might jungle” or animal-themed songs.

These are a few ideas through which you can entertain children who love jungles, forests, and animals!

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