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Top Questions About Dental Implants You Must Ask Your Surgeon 

Missing teeth can impact your confidence. Additionally, it impacts your quality of life. That’s when a dentist in San Diego, CA, recommends dental implant treatment where a broken or decayed tooth is replaced with a crown or root canal. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, you need an experienced professional who can handle your case. In this article, we have listed major questions you must ask your dentist before making a final decision. Let’s dive in! 

Questions to ask before dental implants 

1. Who is an ideal person to get a dental implant? 

During the consultation with your dentist, ask who should get these implants. Getting implants is highly complex; therefore, it is not suggested to everyone. If you are someone who takes steroids or drugs, then avoid implants. 

2. Are there any risk factors associated with dental implants? 

Yes, dental implant procedure may lead to several risk factors. These include:

  • Swelling 
  • Redness 
  • Bleeding 

During the initial consultation with your dentist, ask about potential risk factors that you may experience before or after the treatment. Once you are aware of common risk factors, you will not panic easily. 

3. Are there any safety measures for dental implants? 

Undergoing a dental implant procedure is a complicated process as there are several complexities involved. Ask your dentist about safety measures that will keep you protected throughout your time in the dentist’s clinic and the treatment. According to dentists, you must avoid smoking and drinking. Additionally, try to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

4. Can you explain the entire procedure? 

Getting dental implants is a life changing procedure. During your consultation, you must ask about the procedure steps in detail. Your dentist will briefly explain to you about the process which will help you to prepare yourself. If you feel comfortable, share your thoughts with your dentist. 

5. What should I eat and avoid after the treatment? 

When you meet your dentist before the dental implant treatment, you must ask them what food and beverages you can eat. This ensures the moment you go home after the treatment, you don’t feel clueless. It is recommended to avoid almonds, sticky food, rice, acidic foods, spices, cheese, and others. Whereas, include fruits, cereals, soups, broths, eggs and more soft foods into your diet. 

Wrapping Up 

Broken or missing teeth can lead to several complications. When hiring a dentist, ask these top questions to make the right choice! 

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