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Tricks To Use Idols & Figurines Smartly For Home Décor

Choosing your home decor is fun. Exploring your ideas when you need to change your home decor brings lots of excitement and joy along. It takes a lot of work to decorate your home with handmade goods and home accessories. It is considered to be a difficult task because you have to choose how your home decor items will look. Every home has a particular style of home design, and this style must be reflected in the decoration. Consideration must be given to each area of the house that has to be decorated.

The smallest details often have a significant effect when you are looking for ways to freshen up the decor of your adorable little (or large) home. Investing in some stylish showpieces for each room of your house is the best and most affordable way to liven up the decor.

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Figurines of animals

Figurines of animals are meant to bring positivity and good luck. Figurines of animals,  statuettes or avatars that appear as decorative items or gems are made of alloy or other metals. Crystal glass is also used to make animal figures.

Animal statues and figures add a quirky touch to your home’s decor. While choosing one, make sure your animal artwork is elegant yet beautiful and must add a touch of the earth to your other stuff. Say,  travel-themed bookshelves. An animal figurine completes an involuntary character to an excluding synchronised section with a conceptual representation as a backdrop.

Some idols that you can consider:

Elephant Figurines & Paintings for Home Decor

Elephants bring strength, activeness and power of achievement. As a symbol of power, strength, and integrity, the elephant is a prominent figure in Hindu mythology and is frequently used in interior design. The elephant-headed god Ganesha removes barriers and bestows blessings. The lovely elephant chariot of Lakshmi and Lord Indra stands for heavenly wisdom and regal power.

Since elephants are regarded as protectors and saviours, placing an elephant statue at the entrance is lucky. You can arrange two elephants with their trunks raised if your home has a sizable interior entryway.

Sitting Buddha

Sitting Buddha brings luck, beauty and positivity. Buddha exhibits are interesting to look at, especially if you have a creative streak. They have a spiritual vibe and are gorgeous and exquisite. This sculpture sticks out the most among the numerous figurines, exhibit pieces, and sculptures that are accessible online. This exquisite sitting Buddha display is surprisingly affordable despite appearing to cost a fortune.

If you don’t get too stingy with this exquisite piece, gifting it is also a great option. It will look fantastic in your living room. Beautiful and incredibly elegant, this pricey statue of a sitting Buddha is made from marble. In addition to beautifying your living room, this showpiece makes a wonderful gift.

Vintage Cannon

With the help of an antique wooden cannon online, you can literally go back in time and experience things differently. This kind of antique piece works well for both home decor and gifts, thanks to its unequalled workmanship and stunning colours. This product will definitely give the environment the much-needed retro feel if you’re a fan.

This replica of a cannon can be used as a decorative item for the home, office, room, desk, drawing room, shelves, or as a gift for a variety of events. You don’t have to worry as much about the fear of breakage because the item is also fairly sturdy and durable. Showpieces like these, when used, will undoubtedly give your living room a classy look with their vintage and antique appearance.

How to use animal figurines to decorate your home?

Animal figurines can be used in a variety of ways to decorate a home. However, there are a few things that should be remembered. Additionally, it is up to the individuals to decide where and how to display these animal figurines.

  • Pick based on your theme: Re-consider your choices. Choose animal sculptures that fit the subject of your interior design. Your home’s interior must complement and enhance your home’s exterior decor in order for them to work together harmoniously.
  • Make it simple: Keep it basic by avoiding overcrowding your home with figurines. With just one figurine that best fits them, you can jazz up the corner. Knowing the size that fits that specific spot is also important. Use a single large animal figurine or a number of small animal figurines for a specific corner.
  • Thematic pieces: Animal figurines make a statement when placed in the hallway or next to your television unit as a decorative item. Animal figurines make the ideal unbiased artwork. For a unified look, you can coordinate with exquisite candle holders, houseleeks, or table timepieces.
  • Seasonal figurines: Always make sure that the figurines you use as decorative items are employed in accordance with the season. For instance, one can use angel figurines during the Christmas season and Lord Ganesha sculptures during the Diwali festival to decorate their homes. Every new event or occasion would give your home a new look and feel thanks to this.
  • Presentation: You can also display your animal figurines by creating a unique showcase for them in the corner of your living room or even on a central wall. Everyone who comes to visit you will notice the figurines because they are prominently displayed.

Conclusion :

Idols actually make a huge difference. Except for the fact that these things are believed to bring fortune, good luck and positivity around, they actually bring prettiness and creativity with them. It is all about creating tiny differences like these to make your surroundings beautiful. Having said that, it is highly recommended to consider buying such pieces and changing those unused corners. Make a difference. Make it beautiful. Make it elegant.

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