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Understand the process and benefits of Postal Validation Online


The address Verification team makes the process of verifying and validating addresses easier. Despite the growing importance of digital technology in our daily lives, the importance of having accurate physical addresses continues to rise. Incorrect addresses and unsuccessful shipments are costly and time-consuming, especially in the e-commerce world. That’s why we built an API that can correct and identify over 156 million domestic addresses, as well as determine if they’re deliverable.

Address Verification does a lot more than just tell the user whether an address is deliverable:

  • Parse and correct an address given to them.
  • Include delivery information from the US Postal Service.
  • Check their data with a variety of sources.
  • Combine all of these elements into a single standard response.
  • Finish the procedure in less than half a second, with a near-perfect accuracy rate of approximately 95%.

The first stage in the pipeline is to process and determine what a consumer enters. People have put in a lot of time and effort to enhance their parsing process, and they will continue to do so. Increased ability to analyze and decode user-submitted addresses allows them to construct a complete USPS standardized address with greater accuracy. This is critical because a USPS complete address ensures that deliveries are delivered to the correct location.

After parsing and standardizing an address, they enhance the data with a Delivery Point Validation study, which provides additional insight into why an address may or may not be deliverable. The USPS assigns a 12-digit identity to each unique deliverable address it serves, which includes a 2-digit delivery point and a check number. These digits assist guarantee that an address is accurate and deliverable.

After parsing, standardizing, and analyzing an address’s deliverability, individuals return a standard response that’s broken up into distinct components. Their deliverability analysis is one of the most crucial components. The deliverability analysis gives them one of four possible results, each of which tells them what will happen if they try to deliver to a specific address.

This address is either legitimate or has been perfected by matching it to a single address. Deliver as soon as possible.

Extra secondary deliverable- the building supplied exists, however, the secondary number information is incorrect. They match to a valid delivery point if they delete the secondary information.

Secondary information is absent – 

The address is deliverable in theory, but secondary information such as a unit designation or apartment number is lacking. It’s possible that the mail won’t go to its intended destination unless the address is completed. It’s the equivalent of mail arriving at the correct apartment building but not at the correct apartment.

Undeliverable – 

According to the USPS, the entire address is undeliverable. Parts of the address, such as the street name or ZIP code, may, nonetheless, be valid. While it’s possible that this address is real and exists, it’s quite unlikely, and most deliveries to this location will fail.

Addresses are difficult to interpret since much technical information is required to establish if they are valid and why they are valid. Postal Validation Online team takes care of it for them, saving them money on returned shipments and redelivery penalties.

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