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Understanding The Role of Custom Brokers in International Trade

The job of a customs broker involves not only legal compliance but a constant need to update themselves with the changes in international laws and regulations. Therefore, their job is quite multifarious.  

In this regard, Clearit USA customs clearance offers appropriate solutions for commonly occurring issues in the world of shipment. 

As the market for international trade expands, so does the need for customs brokers. It is, therefore, significant to hire a broker who is adept at his work and has proper certification. Given the multifaceted nature of their job, customs brokers are quite skilled at dealing with problems that may seem difficult to first-timers. 

Here, we shall take a look at a few roles of a customs broker in international trade.

1. Client Representation

For a smooth and uncomplicated clearance experience, customs brokers require a valid power of attorney from their clients. This allows them to freely deal with minor to major issues concerning customs clearance. Giving them a power of attorney also helps avoid unnecessary delays and penalties as they personally make sure that all formalities are being fulfilled and laws abided. Customs broker, thus, looks after the transactions and ensures legal and other forms of compliances. 

2. Payment of Fees

Fees are an important part of the customs process. There’s a fee at almost every stage that is to be paid within 10 days of entry, which is why, complying to such requirements can be difficult for someone handling the clearance themselves. A customs broker’s role in the payment of fees and duties is quite significant. Further, there are times where the importer overpaid for the goods, in such cases, the broker submits a form for a refund. Therefore, payment of duties and fees is one of the most important roles of customs brokers.

3. Record-keeping

Custom brokers are also known for their record-keeping prowess. While preparation of necessary documents is a vital part of the clearance process that the broker is responsible for, their record-keeping scope goes beyond mere documentation related to one transaction.  They must keep copies of all active powers of attorney as well as the revoked ones for the past 5 years. These are important for customs inspections, records and audits. Therefore, a customs broker is known for fulfilling multifarious roles.

While the market is full of skilled custom brokers, you need to narrow down the list as per your requirements and budget. 

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