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Ways To Upgrade Your Frozen Pizza 

It has seen us through both good and bad times, but just because frozen pizza is always accessible does not mean you have to settle for subpar flavor. If you are baking a frozen pizza, there are various options for enhancing the flavor. And if you do not feel like cooking, you can always get your pizza delivered from Double Pizza restaurant

Choose the best pizza base.

To begin, let us return to the fundamentals. Your finished result will only be as good as the toppings and frozen pizza you use, so choose high-quality ingredients. It does not have to be daunting; it simply takes some forethought. First, go through your cupboard for products that may be used, such as chopped nuts and sauces.

You must then select a pizza base. Your best bet will likely be cheese pizza, which will be a blank canvas for your toppings. Cheese is also appealing because its mild flavor should not clash with the toppings you choose. That is not to say you can not go for additional toppings like pepperoni; just bear in mind how your chosen elements will interact with the pizza base you are working with.

Add seasoning to your heart’s content.

A decent crust can make or break a pizza, and ingredients play an important part. Take this as an opportunity to try something new. Spice cupboard classics like rosemary, oregano, cumin, and paprika are excellent candidates for pizza crust toppings. Work them into the dough before baking, sprinkle them on top, or combine them with oil and pour on top.

While you may keep things traditional, add Cajun spices to your pizza for a spicy kick. Popcorn seasoning offers a cheesy, nutty flavor that pairs nicely with pepperoni, while Greek seasoning elevates the savory flavors in a vegetable pizza.

Keep the other ingredients in mind while choosing spices to ensure they all work together. When in doubt, garlic is a reliable technique to introduce excellent flavor into your cuisine.

Get reckless with additional sauce toppings.

The numerous sauce bases that come with a conventional pizza, such as cheese-based white sauce, marinara red sauce, pesto, oil, or no sauce, are well known to pizza enthusiasts. In other situations, the sauce is heaped on top. Additional dipping sauces, such as sriracha, spicy sauce, ranch, and bleu cheese, may enhance the flavor of each slice of pizza. A sprinkle of spicy honey or a swirl of buffalo sauce may be a fun and quick way to dress up your frozen pizza. You probably already have these in your refrigerator.

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