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Sisal carpets are one of the most demanding products that are natural. For commercial businesses and homeowners, the natural weave by designers is the most selected weave of the time. Here we are to guide you more about sisal carpets.

If you are planning to buy one. Every type of sisal has its own place whether be it tightly weaved or chunky weaved, be it in bold or neutral colors, be it with or without backing. If you find a perfect sisal carpet, then your investment can bring joy for many years to come. Natural timeless sisal carpets are perfect for your living room.

Natural sisal carpets embody qualities like durability, versatility, beauty, timelessness, and customization, therefore, making them the first choice for most designers. The beautiful textures and earthy colors of sisal carpets are so appealing to the eyes.  Natural sisal carpets range from the golden luster and satiated brown to sand-colored tan. The superb colors enhance all the designs whether the design is traditional or modern

. One more feature offered by natural sisal carpets is their versatility in textures. An attractiveness and interest can be developed into an overall theme by selecting the right texture of the sisal carpets. It is one of the most durable among all the natural fibers available.


When shopping for natural sisal carpets you must consider the usage and look you want in your mind. You must keep in mind if you have small children or pets ta home that will play on the carpet. Do consider if you want a carpet to be placed in a high-traffic area? If these are the possibilities than try to select a darker shade so it looks fresh without much cleaning effort.

For high traffic areas:

Carpets that provide resistant to stains are ideal for high-traffic areas such as family rooms, hallways, entrances, and kitchens.

For medium traffic areas:

For your home, medium traffic rooms are used daily but are not the main thoroughfares. These areas include dining rooms or home offices.

For low-traffic areas:

Formal living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms are low-traffic areas. Carpets that are placed in these areas face minimum wear and tear so you can go for light colors and soft material carpets to be placed in these areas.

The quality of sisal carpet is determined by the fibers used, the weight at which it is woven as well as the weight of yarn used. In order to achieve a stabilized texture and shape the backing of all sisal carpets is mostly made of latex. If you want easy cleaning, the use of latex backing is also helpful because of its solid construction. When want to get rid of the dirt and dust, these carpets can also be swept easily by bringing out or can be beaten by an object. Sisal carpets are totally biodegradable and extremely durable. It is also anti-bacterial and non-toxic and antistatic.

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